My work day started at 8 AM. (Really 7 AM if you count waiting for your carpooler)

My work day ended at 10 PM (Really 9:55 PM, and there was a driving, dinner and e-mail break from 5:00 to 7:30 or so)

So it is about time to catch up on the March Madness, before it is done. I am posting our families updated bracket. The colors again, for those that care:

  • Ashlan = Yellow
  • Rey = Purple
  • Carl = Green
  • Jay = Blue


Our Final Four Bracket

Those that are astute may not that Green did not advance to the Final Four.
Yellow is guaranteed a spot in the Final Two, but prefers her #8 seed to her #3 seed.
Blue is still alive, barely, with a #4 seed.
Purple is hanging on with a # 11 seed. This must be everybody’s favorite team at this point. Come on, Virginia Commonwealth University? Except, perhaps there are some that are a bit perturbed at this bracket breaker.

I would be in their camp, except that for Purple to complete the Cinderella run they must beat my team. Not quite ready to go there yet. But if I am vanquished, I will root for them to take it all.

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