James Finlayson

The name just shows up every now and then.

The first time I was aware of the name, it was really Jimbo (aka the Engineer).

Then on the family history trip to Canada there was James Finlayson, great-great uncle I think. The RCMP foot soldier. They were not M at that time. His diary is around.

Our friendly film archivist wrote a post today – Sauna Party – about his travels afar. It included

“Plevna (in Finland) It was part of an old cotton mill that had been established by Scotsman James Finlayson.”

This was followed by a reference to the film (Dennis is all about films) actor James Finlayson, who appeared with Laurel & Hardy.

Check out the link above, towards the bottom is a picture of Scotsman James Finlayson and a short reel of the actor James Finlayson.

And, just for amusement – continue down to the bottom for “Turn on the Heat”. Stay through the entire clip – it just continues to grow. Very amusing.

2 Responses to “James Finlayson”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    After viewing “Turn on the Heat”, it’s pretty clear that global warming is indeed caused by human activity. đŸ˜‰

    “…and the Northern girls, they keep they’re boyfriends warm at night…but I wish they all could be California girls.”

  2. regenaxe Says:

    OOps!! I really meant to say ‘their boyfriends’ rather than ‘they’re boyfriends’.

    Of course, those of us w/ cold feet could repunctuate it to:
    The Northern girls they keep. They are boyfriends [who] warm at night!

    (Thanx, Mark, for being warm at night)

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