Wild Waves

Please note that the title was chosen several hours prior to the Earthquake in Japan – not a good tie-in.

Today was a BLACK day for traffic.

That means that the traffic map you can check on-line showed major back-ups on most of the routes between work and home were full of cars going very slowly. My carpooler decided we should start on our normal route home, then divert up a highway we normally avoid, dodge off through some city streets, ending up on the other bridge (that we usually avoid).

The bridge we usually avoid would be SR 520. It is the narrower than I-90, and any little thing can bring it to its knees, and traffic to a crawl. The little thing today was wind (and some rain). The wind was up to 50 mph gusts. If winds are sustained at 50 mph they close the bridge. But with only gusts we got to ride the wild beast. On the high rises the car was just rocking back and forth. [I don’t usually dream of a heavier car.] Then on the floating part the waves were crashing over – all the way to the furthest lane.

The payoff was that after the bridge it was clear sailing. Apparently the black traffic was just trying to drive around the Seattle/Bellevue Block. (See the map) Less than one hour. Not bad for a bad black day.

This is for those of you that don’t get to commute 25 miles to work. I am letting you live vicariously. Check the map link during normal commute times. Then you can click on cameras and watch all of the cars trying to get where they are going.

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