Dark days/Bright day


Yesterday, not so much.
Yesterday did get brightened by the arrival of the new scarves for the Seattle Sounders 2011 season. The team provides scarves to season ticket holders. It was a great marketing move the inaugural season. It meant that a good part of the stadium crowd had something in common, right from the start. And each of the three years of the team’s existence they have sent out that year’s scarf. It means the season is almost here – March 15th is our opening night. And the scarves may be needed just to stay warm.

But today it is sunny.

On the long dark (not sun down dark, just lots of clouds dark) drive home last night I happened on a convoy. Yes, a military convoy. Those big trucks with 3 or more axles, and several lucky soldiers sitting out in the elements. In the cold rain. It was not quite cold enough for snow. But still. I hope they had some warm food waiting when they made it back to base. I’ll bet they were still more than an hour from home when I passed them.

Today’s chores should include finding some lodging for upcoming trips, and then back to work on the house drawings – 2nd floor on the docket.

So, some of these interior chores may just have to wait.

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