Tonight I have plans to do something fun(ish) – plan a vacation.
I actually started last night, but lost steam after looking at one too many airline sights.

But I did gather some valuable information and tonight started to fully plot a course. So it will be back to the airline sites in short order.

I am running out of steam already however. Need to power through.
Work is the reason I am giving for my faltering efforts tonight.
I have some projects I want to get to at work (and at home).
But today was destined to be a day focused on other’s wants, needs and requests. I was able to satisfy several, but found my inner self getting a might testy towards the end of the day. I think the last few e-mails were probably a little more direct than normal.

On the drive home I was less forgiving to those that know they are more important, or at least have more important places to be quicker than the rest of us. My carpooler would have been proud of me (we drove separately today), but I am not sure I appreciate these assertive moments.

Anyhoo, it is time to buckle down and see if I can get to a decision point or two. Carl has set off in the direction of Dennis movies. It is Vaudeville night. I was invited, but still a bit on the testy side, and think I will be happier on the morrow if I make some headway tonight.

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