Twilight at least.

On the drive home today there were high clouds, sweeping in, showing the high wind currents. What made them noteworthy was that I could not immediately recognize whether the clouds were the white or grey bands.

There is something invigorating about the return to ever so slightly longer days.

Last week there was a day when I almost turned out the porch light as I left for work. Not quite, but the thought crossed my mind. And we are supposed to be free from rain for at least the next few days. Cold, but not raining (snowing).

I have heard rumors of dumping snow in the midwest.
I have not confirmed whether these will be impacting relatives here and there.
If you are impacted, I hope you are well-provisioned.

We are well provisioned here, and the thought of dinner is starting to penetrate my thoughts.

Smile, ….
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile

Smile, originally written by Charlie Chaplin, John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons.
I knew it from Nat King Cole. We just heard it sung by a woman (on the Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio).

Apparently Chaplin wrote the tune for his film, Modern Times. I seem to remember seeing Modern Times at a theatre in downtown Ann Arbor, on Division or some nearby street (not the State or Michigan). It was a hot, hot summer day and Grandma R was visiting. We went to the theatre to have some fun and get out of the heat. I still vividly remember Charlie walking down the street with two wrenches in his hands, and a woman approaching from the other direction with nut-shaped buttons on her jacket. 

Smile, the days are getting longer.

One Response to “Daylight”

  1. jane Says:

    that would have been the Fifth Forum (on Fifth!)

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