Slow start – picking up – UPDATED

This morning had a slow start – for me.
Started with a later than intended night – and not doing anything particularly inspiring either.

So, I finally got up – Carl was already well on his way and gone.
A bit of the newspaper and yogurt.

Then, somewhat inspired, OK really I just wanted to say I had done something this morning, I went and road the bike. Tried to Soduko and made it into a “Very Hard” puzzle. Think I have it figured now, but was getting too light-headed to think deeply, so I set it down for the last four minutes. A bit of stretching, but then the lure of coffee called.

But first – water and a nana. OK, stop by the computer to see if anything earth shattering has been sent my way. A blog comment – JOY – actually, they are fun to get, like a present you have no idea what it is until you open it up. (Maybe if I got a lot they would not hold the same feeling, so let’s just leave it at that.)

Another e-mail led me to fb, which I am on here and there. And low and behold, a link to the Tennessee Smokies site – for yet another video. Rey was actually on the still up front – so I must watch. I think these are fun. Not only do I get to see the boy, but it seems like they are a place that allows for some creativity. And most importantly, Rey is modeling some of Pooh’s handiwork.
I know it is hard work, and I think most minor league teams are marginal enterprises, so having a bit of fun can make the difference.

Off to coffee (coffee coming to me in truth – Carl is returning)
And this afternoon’s Harry Potter adventure. Maybe I should put in one of the movies to stoke the fire.

UPDATE: And so we went. It was an interesting exhibit, with props and costumes. When you enter they entertain the small group you enter with, with the selecting hat. After they have put a few folks into their proper group you walk to an area with several screens. They flash several scenes from the movies on a dozen screens. Then as the scenes end, the wall behind you has disappeared and the light from the front of the train filters into the room – and you are off into the exhibit. It really was a good start, very well done.

After the exhibit, we visited the Space Needle.


3 Responses to “Slow start – picking up – UPDATED”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Nice pic of the two of you. So where did the sorting hat put you?

    • Jay Says:

      We hung at the back and did not get sorted. They sorted two kids that were excited about it, a brother and sister I think. And then a 17 year old (her birthday). They had the hat do it’s talking thing, and we saw a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    and nobody want to be Slytherin…

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