Wayne Drop with the King 5 TV Weather folks

Picture from the King5TV Facebook page

I spent a good part of my day today at Weatherfest. This is an American Meteorological Society event. This year it is in Seattle. I was there with Wayne Drop. (No pictures yet – they are on another person’s camera) About 4 hours of fun and meeting and greeting kids and adults. I understand that the parents want a picture of their kid with Wayne Drop, but many, many adults do as well.

I am a handler. That means I linger in the background, and take a picture or two. Today one of the TV stations gave us a load of shopping bags to had out as well. We did cause more than 1 clot for people trying to get around. (Note that it was KIRO 7 with the bags, not the same as the picture above)

In addition to the area’s TV station’s weather folks, there were lots of national level people. The Weather Channel, Discovery, the Tornado chaser guides, NOAA, glider pilots, and some classroom based folks. Okemos High School had a booth.

In other words, a little educational bit today with a big fuzzy rain drop. And I am exhausted. [There were two other mascots there. One, and eagle, was from a school. The other was Doppler – the Seattle Storm mascot (WNBA). But Doppler cut the ribbon, and then cut out about a half hour later. Professional mascots just don’t have the passion.]

2 Responses to “Weatherfest”

  1. jane Says:

    oh dear. it took me 2 readings to get the name ‘Wayne Drop’. more coffee please!

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Knock, Knock.
    –Who’s There?
    –Wayne Who?

    Wayne drops keep falling on my head…

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