Oh Say Can You See – Canada

Yes, it was a day for another quick trip up and back.
A loner trip, but luckily the drive up was interesting, and the drive back ended just in time.

But first, yesterday I stumbled on another glimpse of the boy, this time with a speaking role.

I measure my trips to Canada by birds and bears. The bears (Smokies) were in great evidence for the first half of the trip. Probably 6 or 7, some with paying customers. Then the birds came into view.

I got to see the Snow Geese while passing through the Skagit Valley. Next there were Swans. And after we got out of the States the Bald Eagles made their entrance. I put the count at about a dozen today, but there were a few spectacular views. First I saw an eagle soaring low over the freeway in front, with one wingtip pointed down, and the other up – great profile. Then when I reached this spot, the eagle flew over, about 10 feet above the car, clutching nesting material in his (her?) talons.

And of course, there was the girl sighting. We had lunch at Aphrodite, an organic restaurant, specializing in pies. We have brunch, and then shared a piece of pie. Ashlan had a walk to get in (like mother, like daughter) before dark, so I took off. It is nicer to drive before dark as well – so better for me as well. On the way up I had about a 5 car wait. The way down was a bit longer wait, and I chose the slowest line. I took all of about 20 seconds to get out of the border police clutches, once I got to the head of the line. But I had been cleared by the dog prior to reaching the booth. And I guess I just don’t look menacing. I am not complaining – the last trip had an hour wait, and this was not even close.

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