Packing stats

Ashlan got home before 8 AM.
That is worthy of note, as she would rather not get up that early anytime. Much less get up, gather up, drive a friend home, and then get home herself.
But we are trying to get an earlyish start up north this morning.
[And one of her friends involved in the last night together soiree has an 11 AM flight out of Seattle.]

So while she is packing I decided to check e-mail.
Heard from WordPress. Now I like WordPress – they have afforded me the relatively easy way to blog. Not that I have figured out any special effects like my relatives, but I can write and post a picture or two.

WordPress was all about the stats.
They offer a link to post my yearly stats on my blog – easy.
But I think I would be embarrassed by those that also blog, and can write more interesting thoughts, take better pictures, and provide a better presentation. So I declined to link, but will pass along a few choice bits of information.

The most popular post was about our visit to see Rey in June. The fifth most visited was written by Ashlan (while I was walking the 3-day). Another popular date revolved around Jane’s birthday – maybe she had her friends visit to see one of my few pictures posted.

The search term used most to land on my post was, “granny beaded neck meaning.” The next four search terms all had to do with Dr. Goat, which also has the most comments – and by far the most comments by people I do not know.

My own personal favorite search has been by somebody that found Wayne Drop from our Mariner game escapade. It resulted in Wayne being booked for a Weather Fest event in January. He will be there with Doppler (radar).

So I guess I will keep blogging, and for now I am going to check to make sure Ashlan is still packing, and not lying down on her bed. Rey was sure enough he had time – to take a shower, and Carl has gone to the bank. But still – we may be out before 9 AM. [We are moving quickly so we can enjoy a meal in Canada and get back before the Seahawk game – where the bottom of the Division Title holders will be determined.]

GO HAWKS! – game time predictions – clear and about 30 degrees.

3 Responses to “Packing stats”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I never check my stats. For the most part, I do not wanna know…

  2. regenaxe Says:

    “granny beaded neck meaning”?? I guess I’ll have to put it in a search to see what comes up.

  3. regenaxe Says:

    So, I checked on granny neck beads, and your blog came up as number 4 AND number 7, I believe, and I now know what a granny beaded neck means.

    Youth wanted to know!

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