Starting Fresh

Now the real story of what is going on.

Ashlan is taking the USA shopping to the max. She took me (Jay) out shopping to refresh the wardrobe a bit. She knows that I rarely shop, and dislike it more than most. So we have a few new cardigans (I only recently noticed how much I can resemble what my father used to wear day in and day out), and a few new shirts, and some new shoes. Now some are from 2nd hand shops, but they are all new to me. Ashlan also was able to further her ability to stretch a closet to the max – plus a new jacket. [The jacket was sort of a gift, except that the gift one was returned and a different one purchased elsewhere (2nd hand) and the gift card from the gift used for some of the other aforementioned shopping.]

Whew – I am tired.

The most difficult part of yesterday’s shopping adventure was getting gas.
Or not getting it as it turned out.
We made our first stop at the video dvd store, and realized the gas light was on.
I suggested we go back the few blocks to home and trade cars for one with gas.
Ashlan wanted to just make the detour (a few miles out of our way) to get gas – because this car has the automatic plug for her I-pod, and fun music.
So we went north (our goal was southeast) to the gas station.
It was packed. And when I finally maneuvered into a slot and got out to pay, I saw the sign saying, “No unleaded.”
So then I made the decision that we were going to change cars.
I can only do so much to accommodate the girl.

Carl & Rey have been hanging out – not shopping. Not entirely true, Carl did grocery shopping. Rey has been hanging out with Carl, Carl’s kids, and his buddies from high school. They even made the trek to the big Seattle New Year’s Eve show. Ashlan was considering the same event, but the cold air changed her mind to a more sedate, indoor celebration.
The boys are now in the middle of a street sidewalk hockey game.

Soup is on the stove – almost the best part of the Christmas ham. We are at the “chill” stage. Actually, the it’s not cool enough to put in the fridge stage. But that means soup tonight or maybe tomorrow. And I just realized I could chill the soup on the front stoop – without worrying about the fridge temperature (or room).

Tomorrow’s stage is set for international travel.
We are all planning to trek north for a drop off and lunch.
Then those without the student visa are trekking back.
Hopefully traffic will be reasonable at the border.

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