Back to Work

We all got up this morning, and two of us set off to work.
Not too bad. Pretty quiet, and not too many customer calls.
Still too much of the sweet stuff around however.

A new owner/idea took over a long-time pizza restaurant in our neighborhood.
They advertised real deep dish Chicago style pizza, and put $10 off coupons on doors around the block.
So we decided to give it a try.
Carl & Rey went down to check out the new digs, place our order, and walk home.
But while they were enjoying a brew, waiting for the pie to cook, the cooks decided to play frisbee with the pie, and somebody didn’t make the play. So they said they would deliver a new pie instead. When it arrived, it had slid a bit in the box. It was an interesting feat to get pieces out of the box. Tasty, a bit spicy, and really filling. I was full after one piece. I am not from Chicago, so I don’t know if this is the norm.

Now we only allowed pizza for dinner because everybody had a ham allotment for lunch.

Split pea soup on the horizon. This is one of the best parts of having a ham.

Little kids will be in tomorrow, so we are starting to clean up the house a bit as well.

I realize this is just odds and ends. That just about describes the entire day.

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