(non)White Christmas

Christmas day is winding down. And so are we.
Except Ashlan, who has new wind and is raring to go.
So she and Rey are going to see the latest Harry Potter movie, again.
It is a second viewing for both, although they saw it separately the first time.

Our day was a good one.
It started at the very reasonable hour of 8:30. Except that for Rey it was more like 11:30, and he was a bit hungry.
We had sticky buns from the Larson Brothers Bakery in Ballard. Excellent, and sticky indeed.

Finally settled around the Christmas tree and enjoyed opening presents (thank you all that shared with us).
The girl got into scaring her mother by slamming down chocolate oranges on the table when I was not ready.

Checked the weather and there appeared to be a few hour break when showers were less likely so three of us (Ashlan, Rey & Jay) set out on foot for a walk. Jay underestimated the distance. What was advertised as a 5 mile walk was actually more like 9 miles in the end. It could have been a bit shorter, but Ashlan opted for length over hills. Jay actually stopped at 8 miles when Carl came by with a nutrition break.

Then came a break before the dinner fixing was underway. Ashlan was going to help with the pomegranate seeding for Pooh’s salad, but decided to nap instead. Carl gallantly stepped into her shoes. A relatively easy meal, especially when compared with Thanksgiving. Salad, potatoes (mashed), ham and rolls. Ashlan woke up to eat.

And now with the table cleared, the kids are off to the movies, and Carl & I are left to enjoy the memories of another day with the family together. It really is nice to have them all together. I like just listening to them chat.

Tomorrow’s plans – Kringle, Picasso and brunch/lunch.

One Response to “(non)White Christmas”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    We had a similar menu — pom. salad, mashed (sweet) potatoes, turkey, and onion tarts. I seeded the pomegranate the night before, while sauteing the onions. I like the onions really carmelized, so they did their thing the whole time it took to seed the pomegranate. Mmmm.

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