Project Avoidance

I am trying to finish a BIG project.
But I am having a terrible time getting focused.
I really think I need to get to a place where I am either working on the project or twiddling my thumbs.

Maybe a thermos of hot chocolate and a cozy spot that is

  • Not in my house.
  • Not at my desk
  • Not near a telephone
  • Food close at hand
  • Power would be handy (for a computer plug-in)

Then I am sure I could accomplish mountains of work.
But most people are expecting me to be sitting at my desk, and accomplishing whatever I can.

Hmmm. I need a plan. I need inspiration.

3 Responses to “Project Avoidance”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Is there a library nearby? Maybe you could reserve a conference room. (you might be able to have food in there.)

  2. jane Says:

    surely there is a Starbucks in your vicinity. I don’t actually go Starbucks myself, but I understand lots of people do. 😉

  3. Ashlan Says:

    do your car working. get one of those outlets that plugs into the cigarette lighter. BAM problem solved.

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