Quick Trip

Today was Columbus Day.
We do not get this as a holiday, or thankfully, as a furlough day.
I did take it as a vacation day.

The day was supposed to start with breakfast at the Scarlett Tree.
It had to be early, as Carl did not take a vacation day.
Carl & I got up and started getting ready.
I called into Ashlan’s room and she grunted back.
Unfortunately the next sound I heard from her was not the sound of a healthy person.

We skipped the breakfast out.
Ashlan skipped breakfast altogether.

Luckily her distress seemed to only last the morning.
She was able to eat a roll (forgotten at the T-Day dinner), and we were able to make the trip north in the afternoon.

So up we went, Ashlan & I.
No major incidents, just some rain as we entered Vancouver.

And back I went.
The rain ended as I entered the US, after a 6 car wait. (No complaints.)

As I was approaching Bellingham I had passed a car, and was settled back into the right lane, with another truck a little ways ahead. Suddenly I heard a roar. Motorcycle? Loud car/truck approaching in a hurry??

No – a large airplane coming in for a landing, just off the freeway.

I had just started hearing advertisements for flying into and out of Atlanta Bellingham.  This may have been a 757. I am sorry to say I do not have all the Boeing fleet committed to memory. It did have the wings that curve up ever so slightly. What I do know is that I have never seen a large plane coming in over the freeway in that location. They come in over your left shoulder, so there is not much of a visual warning. Got my attention. (I must have Atlanta on my mind.)

The rest of my attention was kept by the Giants/Braves game.
I arrived home with one out in the bottom of the 9th.
Giants win the game, and the series.

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