Week End

I did not arrive home until after 8 PM the last two days.
Of course I did not arrive home until after 10 PM the day before that.
But the last two days have been due to staying late at work to try and make a dent in my to do pile.

So, this morning, I got up at the normal time, but did not go in to work.
This was planned.

The girl arrives today, early afternoon.
Work at home and an errand or two, and then it is family time once again.

So the weekend is starting a bit early.
And to make the most of it – I will sign off now to get some things done.

2 Responses to “Week End”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Is it Canadian Thanksgiving?

  2. Me Says:

    It is. We are having Turkey dinner on Sunday afternoon with a dozen or so friends. Turkey is in the fridge, pumpkin on the counter, and more shopping and house rearranging on tap for tomorrow.

    And we are planning on seeing Bugs and Horsey in November.

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