Football Traffic Already??

I have been reading quite a bit about the UM (GO BLUE) v MSU (GO GREEN) game over the last few days. And traffic has been the frequent topic. I remember walking around A2 before, during and after the football games, in the vicinity of the stadium. I always found it somehow exciting.

Now I live on a coast, and we have our own football team (GO PURPLE). And we live in the “University District” so are close enough to tell when there is something big happening. And today is a home game. They even put signs up around the neighborhood with the expected times of traffic impact. Tonight is a night game. Impacts expected to start late afternoon. Of course that is when we actually have somewhere to go to, that almost requires we drive past the stadium. Oh well … just leave a little more time.

That fact also had us out this morning to get some errands out of the way. On my way home from my errand, I got off at our usual exit, along with just about everybody else. I guess the tailgaters start earlier than predicted. Then things got a little weird.

Out of all the traffic exiting, I was behind only one car by the time we reached the traffic signal. But of course, she then realized she wanted the right-turn lane, not the go forward/left turn lane. Put on her signal, as the right-turn lane filled with folks. Luckily, as our light turned green, a driver let her in – no delay at all.

As I proceeded forward, a tow-truck with tow was approaching from the right, on a “free-turn” into the direction I was going, to cross my lane to the freeway entrance that is north of the main intersection. Many times people using this free turn do not consider that other people might be going straight through the intersection to get to their house. Technically we have the right-of-way, but will defer in favor of saving the car. But – the tow-truck driver stopped to let me proceed. Two for two.

Then as I was proceeding, a crow, yes, a crow, enters my vision by flying (from the back of the car) in front of the windshield, proceeding down over the hood, and then in front of the “grill” (if the car had a grill). Slowing down the entire time, as though he wanted to land on the pavement in front of the car.

Maybe the crow knows the traffic patterns, and also did not expect a car to proceed straight through into the neighborhood. I am not sure. But as he was going, slowly, from the hood to the grill, he looked back over his shoulder at me. And finally veered to the left to land on the pavement, away from the car.

Weird enough.

Wonder if the crows were planning their football game assault on the tailgaters.

5 Responses to “Football Traffic Already??”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Once I was traveling down M28 when a Great Blue Heron took off from the side of the road right in front of me and grazed my windshield. I had been watching for deer but…

  2. Sam Says:

    Crows are pretty darned smart birds! Here lotsa folks tuned into the UGA game played over in Athens (I watched about five plays on TV before leaving for a walk)….

  3. jane Says:

    amazingly there was still traffic in front of my apartment after 9:00 at night!! which means Main St. was also packed. my street is one block west of Main, so people take it until it ends (where my apt is) and then go up one block and turn left onto Main. I had to wait for a break in traffic to turn into my parking lot. after 9:00 at night!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    We were downtown until about 9 (on Ashley) and it was crazy down there.

  5. regenaxe Says:

    Imagine how crazy it would be if the blue team had won!

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