You do the walkin, I’ll do the talkin

Mom has been pushing me for a while now to do a guest entry on her blog, and I naturally have been putting it off.  With her off on the 3-day now though I figured I should give her something thrilling to come home to.

well, maybe not THAT thrilling

She asked me to write about my summer vacation, which should be easy enough seeing as there wasn’t all that much to it.  A 40 hour a week job punctuated by baseball, boys, and booze.  I also slept on occasion but I found that it was rather overrated.

i save it for the school year

It turns out that Seattle is a ridiculously fun city when you’re finally upgraded to that magical horizontal drivers license.  Lots of great bars to see bands or just hang out – bars that are significantly cheaper and more relaxed (translation: Ashlan friendly) than any I have found in Vancouver.  (Damn this expensive and disgustingly image conscious city!)  It also consistently amused me when servers were shocked that “such a new drinker” would have my affinity for dark beers.  Because apparently flavor is just for old people.

and racist toucans

The Mariners didn’t do too well while I was home (First 7 games I saw – all losses) but I had a great time at the games anyways, hanging out with friends and still managing to fall in love with my fair share of players – I prefer the term “consistent” to “predictable”.  Plus BRANYAN!!!! made his triumphant return in July which made me just about delirious with happiness.

my personal messiah

I also played softball in what can only be described as a beer league.  My team was really fun and I even got a few hits!  We also ended the season with a team barbeque at the beach on a spectacularly sunny day, where I learned that volleyball is NOT my sport (short +not into diving does not a v-ball player make). That said, I think I succeeded at proving my aptitude at hamburger and hot dog consumption.  Pretty sure that means my future is set (not the card game – though I totally rock at that too).

this is the first time i've seriously wanted a smart phone

Our vacations were pretty sweet this summer as well.  One to Tennessee (the unflooded side) to visit the boy, and one to Yellowstone and Dylan, Colorado (with not insignificant stops in Helena and Boise along the way).  I’m not gonna go into detail about these trips, except to say that Rey now knows that he is 23 thanks to the sheer amount of cupcakes I frosted that fact onto, and that WE SAW A BEAR.  It was awesome.  Also I took away from these sun-soaked locations that pretty much everywhere outside of Seattle is warmer than Seattle.

blatantly photoshopped. we don't get sunny days.

As great as my summer was and as much as I absolutely did not want to leave my lovely home (and lovelier family) I must admit I’m enjoying being back in Vancouver.  It’s been wonderful seeing all of my friends, and my roomie and I are partying super hardcore.

we play cribbage almost every night before bed. not a joke.

Well mom, there ya go.  My summer in a nutshell.  I was going to thank you for giving me a valid reason to procrastinate from my homework, but I think I’ll go the good daughter route and rather thank you for what you’re doing this weekend (or I suppose by the time you read this – what you did this weekend).  Your efforts are making a difference and are genuinely appreciated by me and by many others.   I hope it went wonderfully and that you didn’t have to use all of your ponchos.

Love, Ashlan

6 Responses to “You do the walkin, I’ll do the talkin”

  1. jane Says:

    Ashlan – sounds like a great summer! and might I suggest a trip to San Fran for a warmth comparison to Seattle?

  2. regenaxe Says:

    I don’t see any sets in that photo of the smart phone app, do you?

    Nice post, and enjoy your school year!


  3. Me Says:

    It rained 2 of the 3 days, but I only used one poncho.
    More in my post.
    Thanks – I will give you an “A” because I was laughing all the way through.

  4. Me Says:

    And it’s Dillon.
    I’m just saying …

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