2010 Seattle 3-Day – brief update

1st of all – thanks to Ashlan for covering for me while I was away.
And I have always known she is a better writer.

The 2010 Seattle 3-Day Walk for the Cure is now in the books. Over $6 Million raised.

Seattle 2010 Closing - over 2000 Walkers, plus the Crew

My fourth walk, plus one crew experience. Each one has been quite different. This walk was different for two main reasons. 1) I was not on a team (solo walker). 2) It rained.

1) I was not technically on a team. I had signed up intending to walk with a woman I had walked with twice previously in Seattle. But then she could not make it, so I became a team of one. But I found that another woman I had walked with previously was in need of a tent-mate, and bingo – I was affiliated with a team of 3. Two of the three developed blisters, which slowed the pace. And my mate was a speedy walker. I can keep up with speed, generally, but also like to smell the roses. We did keep meeting up at pit stops and lunch stops along the way.

The Flamingoes Sally, Dana, and Amy, and Me,

But, I also found that I was running into a lot of people who I knew from training and previous walks, both in Seattle and Michigan. So occasionally I would break off and walk with them for a bit. On the 3rd day, especially, I kept running into people I knew. It was great fun and although I bounced around a bit, I ended up finishing the walk with the Hotties, a team I trained with many times. But I also found the Flamingo Road folks, and the Kindred Spirits Michigan folks I walked with last year (in Michigan), and crew folks I worked with in Seattle last year.

2) It rained.
Two of the three days. Different rain, but both were wet.
On day 1 it drizzled, rained for a bit, then drizzled and finally stopped.
When we arrived, after 22.5 miles, Camp was damp in the grassy areas but dry elsewhere. One remanent of the rain was that they were unable to erect the big tent over the dining area. So we dined under the stars. Or where the stars would have been if there were no clouds. The walk was good, but I was TIRED, and went to bed after dinner, shower, foot massage (one of those automatic – stick your foot in a half boot like things). I slept well.

Day 2 was GORGEOUS. Sunny, in the 70’s, and clear the entire walking day. The 21.7 mile walk was in Everett – which put on a wonderful welcome. Dinner, shower and massage was followed by a dance party. Yes, we moved some more. It is really stretching by another name, and uses different muscles.

Day 3: Well the rain started as Day 2 was officially ending. We were fairly dry in the tent, but the side pocket holding my glasses and phone got wet. We are trying to dry out the phone. The rain also influenced our decision to get up when we woke up (wet cell phones do not make good alarm clocks). Then we proceeded to pack up, stowed our luggage on the trucks, took down the tent, and got in line for the busses. [To finish in Seattle, the walkers are bussed to North Seattle, and then walk around the city.] What we did not do was visit the dining area where breakfast was being served, but with no roof. Instead we dined on energy bars and raisins and nuts. The rain continued into the morning. Many different styles of ponchos and I think more people had blister issues.  By lunch break the rain had pretty much quit. There was even one brief sun-break. But it did dry out and only misted on us near the finish.

My personal physical experience was one with tired and hot feet on day 1. Day 2 mirrored day 1, but a callused area on  my heel started to make itself known, and a pain started on the lower shin of my right leg. Day 3 continued on the end of day 2. The lower leg pain would come and go as my stride and speed changed. At lunch I discovered there was a blister in the callus on my heel. But as blisters go it was not bad. I put a bandaid on for padding, and walked on. I was limping on any downhill by the end.


And now, if I sit for a bit and then stand up, it can be amusing to watch. But I have a great in-house foot rubbing partner, so I have hope to not be too gimpy tomorrow.

There is much I have not mentioned, and I did not take too many pictures. I tended to try to enjoy it as it was happening, without stopping to find the camera. I may go back over the 3 days in the next few, as I think of all of the things that I saw. Like the pair tree. Or the woman gardening with a sign of thanks, noting that she had lost her daughter. Or all of the small world findings.

Update: Or like taking your shower, getting out, and then realizing you only got your hair wet but forgot to do the shampoo thing.

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