T-minus how many days?

Do you ever have a week when you can not figure out what day it is?
And it was not a week that started with a Monday holiday?

That is how I am feeling this week.
The work week did start a half day late due to taking others to appointments and train stations.
And it will end a day early due to a long walk.

But most of my brain thinks of the walk as a weekend walk, which does not include Friday.

And I am staying elsewhere Thursday night to make it easier to get to the early Friday start.

So I need to pack by Wednesday night, and take it all with me to work on Thursday.
Meaning – finding a ride to work on Thursday – with luggage.
The ride to the alternative dwelling is with a work-mate, so getting from work on Thursday is not so much of a problem.

But it has made my work week seem about only two days long.
Many would find that to be a good thing, but I have more to do than I can accomplish in two days.

Back to packing.

One Response to “T-minus how many days?”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Sending you good vibes for this weekend! Strong legs, good weather, great companionship to help you up the hills, and the knowledge that you are helping others.

    Pink Flamingoes rock the walk!

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