Don’t Like the Weather? – Wait 5 minutes

I believe I heard that saying growing up in Michigan, but I know I hear it here in the great Northwest. Today it was true, although I only really experienced 2 weather models.

1.  Sunny and mild (60’s) with high clouds.
2.  Pouring down rain.

Not much in between.

My day started with getting ready for a soccer game (playing).
I took a plastic bag to put my backpack into, and a complete change of clothes. [The change of clothes was for attending the M’s game after the soccer game.]

Not really raining on the drive to the field. But as soon as the game got going, so did the rain. We were soaked. About half time it stopped, and the sun came out. As the second half started I actually thought, “I’m drying out. Not too bad.” (I did not speak it out loud, but apparently even thinking counts for the weather gods.) And then the rain started again, harder than before, and continued until the end of the game.

Ashlan sat in the car in her wet clothes while I changed. It took me a while. I brought the complete change of clothes, but no towel. I am sure many of you have tried to put on a swimsuit when you’re already wet. That was kind of what this was like.

Ashlan then dropped me at Safeco Field, and the sun was out. It stayed out soo long that they opened the roof. And it stayed open until the 8th inning, when the black clouds threatened once again.

Sunny on the way home. Still sunny.

And the Mariner’s won (2-1). A nearby fan that is at many games caught a ball thrown up at the end of an inning. Her first ball ever, and it was a nice, clean, bare handed catch. And Carl caught a ball thrown up at the end of warm-ups in the 8th inning, and was able to give it to his next-door seatmate. A 5 year-old at his 1st game ever. Just a really pleasant afternoon.

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