A few days

More time with E. Carl goes to a baseball game. We go on a walk that includes shopping. Some angst. Uber and heading home.

The primary reason for the trip was to get to know E better. And to see Ashlan and Allen. Time with E included the early morning play while his breakfast was being prepared. A few toys and keeping him on the bed/couch. This generally went reasonably well, and he never fell off, so we count it as a success. Most play time was in his play area. About 5′ by 7′ with a padded carpet, surrounded by linked plastic walls. Large enough to accommodate a grown person along with a growing, 26 pound child. Toys entered the enclosure and could be played with until they were unceremoniously flung. Stacking and nesting toys were favorites, along with the shapes that can slide along wire mazes. And especially a smallish container with a purple lid that could be opened and snapped shut. The best is finding exposed wood floor to bang toys against. Of course this activity is discouraged as they are trying to not annoy the downstairs neighbors.


I did get an opportunity to carry E about the hall for a while to distract from the crankies. We looked out of the windows next to the elevator and into the mirrors in the hallway. Oh, and I had a good 45 minute period of unsupervised (by either parent) play while an errand to find cat food was run. We survived.

Carl and Ashlan and two of her friends went to a Mets game on our last evening. The outing was a success, execpt that the Mets played poorly, and it wasn’t really good baseball. 5-0 Nationals win.

Ashlan, Carl, Melissa and Louis

We did walk down to the waterfront overlooking Manhattan, twice. We were at the Gantry State Park, across the river from the UN. The first time Carl and I hung out for a while. The second trip was a hit-and-run version, and we slingshot back towards Trader Joe’s and some other grocery store. We wanted to refill their larder before we left town. Next time we need to have some meals in mind to make ahead of time. I find it hard to do on the fly.

Stroller time

They have been working their way through 100 foods for E to try. I think the plantain may have been the final food, although Ashlan was not pleased with how it turned out. E would be a fruititarian if given the choice.


As for angst, I didn’t have a work dream until the last night. But I did get a call on the last day gone that one of my longtime co-workers passed away. She had taken forced retirement (not forced by the office, but by health issues) about a year ago, and it all finally caught up to her. I miss her enthusiasm. A person who truly enjoyed Mondays. And the Seahawks. We do seem to be spending more time than is welcome learning about medical terms and tests.

On arrival in NYC we took the easy route, and got a cab to the apartment. Apparently it’s a flat fee from JFK to Manhattan, but not to Queens. It cost significantly more than the last visit, but then the price of gas is significantly higher too. And I didn’t cherish figuring out the Air Train and subways in the dark after a long day. For the trip back we ordered an Uber, that was not cheap, but more reasonable.

The airport terminal we were in, 7, was pretty uncrowded. Not extremely fast, but definitely not slow. We had left plenty of time for movement around the airport after our bus on the tarmac experience on arrival. None of that today. Walk in, security, find a place to chill and wait for boarding. Piece of cake.

The tarmac buses we took on arrival, but from the plane’s perspective
Over either Lake Ontario or Lake Erie

I guess the next thing is to plan the next vacation. There are a few likely potential reasons to leave Seattle. We’ll see what happens next.

2 Responses to “A few days”

  1. Margaret Says:

    All in all, it sounds like a great visit with E and family with some ideas about what to do next time. I remember how fast the time went in New York. I felt like my grandson was just getting used to me, then I was gone. 😦

    • raincharm Says:

      Yes, it was a good time. We need to video chat at least a bit more so he gets to know our faces.

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