Small Victories

My victory for today was leaving work at 4:30. This is when the office closes. Yesterday it was 8:30 when I left. I am glad I stayed late yesterday. The work I accomplished yesterday made today manageable. Not that there weren’t a few bumps, or I should say edits, along the way. The first set of edits was welcome and expected. The last set came after I had printed and stuffed the letters into envelopes. So, there has been more recycling today than in the last few months together.

I had support from 2 other coworkers who made it possible to get where we got. They were wonderful to help, even though they had to participate in a science fair tonight.

The deadlines are at least partly of my making. Some dates have outside influences, but my taking 4 days off is on me.

My reward at home, a happy face and dinner.

Roasted potatoes, sweet and otherwise

Looking forward to a liesurly evening.

2 Responses to “Small Victories”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Getting off on time and having an evening can be therapeutic, especially with a smiley face for dinner.

    • raincharm Says:

      Having dinner with an attitude is always good.  And I got to eat my lunch, or most of it with dinner too.

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