Time for a Walk

Two things we had this weekend. 1) Not much planned and 2) Not much rain.

Saturday’s walk was from home to Capital Hill Light Rail station, train back to Roosevelt station, walk home. It was a good walk with both downhill and uphill stretches, but nothing extreme.

Montlake Bridge in the distance
A park pre-populated with vehicles. Our grandson would be smitten if he lived a few thousand miles closer
Really big tree. Carl for scale
Bentley. In the higher end area of Capital Hill
Hood ornament close up
Close up #2, look at the reflection for the “B”

Sunday’s walk was from home, through Wallingford and Fremont, and up to a friend’s new house in Queen Anne. Then lunch at a Thai restaurant and a ride home with another friend.

Today’s walk was downhill and then uphill, but this time the uphill was extreme. 200 feet vertical in 1,000 feet horizontal. And then more vertical, but not quite as steep.

Looking back at the steepest part of the walk. But you can’t really see it because it drops off so quickly.
Shadow of the bridge crossing Wolf Creek ravine. It’s deep. Very hard to get perspective.

When we reached our friends house we were ready to take a break.

The fun part was seeing their new house. It’s still pretty empty, with only a few items moved in, and very little furniture. Notably a chair, bookcase (with books) and a few lamps. Their goal is to initially move only what they are sure they want in the new house, and then take their time adding more pieces that seem to belong. After that exercise, they will decide what to do with the leftovers, including the old house. I was actually excited about the possibilities in the new house, like it was mine.

Both days were brisk. I wore long underwear, but again, no rain. Maybe another short walk tomorrow at lunch, but I don’t think I’ll be hitting the 10,000 step mark.

2 Responses to “Time for a Walk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Brisk is an understatement! That chilly breeze. A Bentley, wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

    • raincharm Says:

      I wore my winter boots today on our walk. I had to take the picture of the Bentley because they are few and far between

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