Sunday Walk

At least part in the park. Green Lake Park to be exact. We walked to the park, and partway around the trail. There was a young busker at one bench site along the trail. He was about 8 by my guess, with a drum set. Music on a boombox that he accompanied. Tow the Line was the selection as we went past. Carl joked that this was how his parents could enjoy a little quiet at home.

We also saw a small raptor in a tree. Maybe a small hawk or kestrel. I did take a picture, but it is not worth sharing.

After a bit more along the lake path we cut back up into a neighborhood. Eventually we passed one of my favorite houses.

And then a newer more modest addition.

For the non-rainyness of the day, we didn’t run into many other neighborhood walkers. Perhaps they were all watching football.

Signs of spring were poking their noses up to test the air. When we finally made it back home, about 7500 steps later, I checked our yard. Low and behold…

Happy Year of the Rabbit

2 Responses to “Sunday Walk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m surprised my tulips aren’t coming up at all yet. Usually they’ve broken ground by now. That’s a gorgeous house; I’ve always wanted a front porch even though our weather is often not conducive to sitting on one. 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      It’s kind of a fairy tale house to me. I am sure it would take more effort to keep it up than I imagine.

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