When I was working on my Master’s thesis, my professor told me it takes at least 7 re-writes to get a good product. That, and to not use the word “that” so much.

I am going through comments to my big project update. In response to requests for clarification of some points I am rereading parts of a chapter. Who decided this was fit to print?!? I understand why they are a bit confused. It looks like it might be at version 4.5. I know what it is trying to say, and can successfully read between the lines, and around the paragraphs. For others it probably appears to be a mind-map just splattered onto the page.

Please do not try to decipher

And then as the day wore on I started questioning the data in the tables in the chapter. Attempting to verify what I should say in the edited version I opened up multiple 2-3 year old databases and spreadsheets and thoroughly tied myself in knots. About to panic I suddenly realized the columns were discreet, not cumulative, and why some of the figures were higher than expected (by me). Like I said, the chapter description really needs some additional information.

A bit after 4 PM my boss stopped in to say he was leaving. He suggested I do the same as I looked intellectually spent.

So I did. Even had to put on my sunglasses, although the sun had dipped behind the Olympic Mountains before I really got headed west.

Time for a little something. The rewrite can wait for the morning.

2 Responses to “Re-writes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Just looking at the page makes me overwhelmed. It was a beautiful day today! I hope you got to enjoy some of it.

    • raincharm Says:

      I tried to do more during the Saturday rain, but no real progress. Sunday was too nice. Guess I’ll be back at it on Monday.

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