The Exterminating Angel was the movie we saw a few days ago. Today we watched The Angel Levine on our TV. It’s from 1970, starring Zero Mostel and Harry Belafonte. It was produced by Harry Belafonte as well. It was quite different, but equally enjoyable in a completely different way.

I spent the morning trying to catch up on family arithmetic and bills. Getting ready to start on taxes soon as well. Year end tabulations and transitions. Call me strange, but I kind of enjoy the summarizing the year and comparing with others, looking for trends. This all started when we were first trying to understand how much we would need for retirement, and really didn’t know how we were spending our money. Now we can answer the question about how we spend it now, and at least hazard a guess about the future.

The weather was really nice, for a winter day. We thought it was supposed to be an atmospheric river day, but there was sun! And 40s. So we took a walk. Some of the sights follow.

All players welcome
Outside the sculptor’s house
Trying to figure out which couple we identify with the most.
The crowd. If you can zoom in, do. The details are worth the effort.

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