More work.

3 pre-apps, 1 Developer Extension Agreement initiated on a rush request, chatted with a property owner who has a failing septic system about potential sewer extensions, and finally got some time to work on last month’s sewer metrics.

In other activities, we lent our Prius to a neighbor so they could get to their piano lesson. A few days ago a nefarious sort cut the catalytic converters off of both of their Priui. I spent money on a Cat Shield a few years ago so I wouldn’t constantly worry. And our car is parked on a slope, making jacking it up more difficult.

And I put one piece into the jigsaw puzzle.

And did a few puzzles on my phone.

Excitement everywhere

One Response to “4”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of a Cat Shield. A good investment if it protects the converter. My car is garaged so I don’t worry so much except that it can happen so quickly that I could be parked elsewhere and have it stolen.

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