After 39 years working at the District, a dear friend is retiring. It’s a Friday. Her last day. And it’s almost 8 PM. She got to work at about 7 AM.

At the computer, finishing up those last details. Bouquets celebrating 39 years in the foreground.
5 orchids, packed for the ride home

You might think this was poor planning, but I think it shows the dedication to leave your workplace in as good shape as possible. She gave months of notice, and has been working with her replacement for several months. But in the meantime, her department’s 2 other financial folks left for various reasons. So she has also been training their replacements.

Even cleaning out her desk means multiple micro decisions. I have been taking notes. While it is still a ways away, I should start working towards leaving my last day at the normal hour.

I did let her do the honors of setting the building alarm for the last time when we finally left.

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