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Putting it together

June 26, 2022

Yesterday’s chores were plant centric. Today’s were tool centric.

First up was a new coffee table. We have been using the table we had for the kids when they were small. Not the small chairs, although I can get my hips into them. But the table. Based on the kid’s ages, it is well over 30 and well used. We will not be getting rid of it, just relocating. The new table has a lift top, and a bit of storage space underneath. Magazines come to mind.

Before cleaning up the detritus from the packaging.

The base was put together last night. It went fairly smoothly until the last step when one of their pre-drilled holes did not quite line up. The last step was adding hinges and placing the top. We waited until the morning to attack it with a clear head. Definitely a 2 person job, and 3 would have been even better. And the first attempt we put it on backwards! But it is now done and functional.

And the cleanup of packing materials filled our garage bin for the first time in a while.

The second build took us outside into the hot sun. We reassembled a “screen” for movies in the backyard. Our projectionist friend is coming up next weekend for some baseball, and to put on his mostly annual backyard baseball film festival.

On its back for now. Less than 45 minutes from garage to completion

This is the 3rd year for this screen. After year 1 I made some pencil notes on the pieces. Year 2 I made more specific notes, in pen, so there would be no confusion on which piece went where. There are only 7 pieces, but it only works one way.

After recovering from the heat doing more mundane financial chores we ventured out for a walk. The breeze and shade here and there made it bearable for us northwestern hot weather wimps. And to avoid adding more heat into the house we got takeout Thai Crispy Chicken. Mmmm.

Off Kilter

June 25, 2022

How I feel today. Life goes on, but with clouds on the clearest, warmest day of the year.

Yesterday a coworker bore the brunt of my anger. I did calm down, and apologized then and again today.

We went to the Ballard FC soccer game last night. USL Division 2. Carl wore his pussy hat. I wore my pride hat. He got more compliments.  And Ballard FC won, it was a fun game, and good distraction from the news of the day.

Today’s distraction was yard work. After months of rain, the dry has arrived. Weeding was foremost last week, and pruning. Carl dead headed our 3 rhododendrons. That chore is done, but so much pruning still awaits. I also started building a cage around our strawberry plants. Last year the 3 plants we planted had a few, and they were all eaten by critters. I want a harvest, even if it is modest.


This morning I charged the battery on the hedge trimmer. But I got distracted by other plant needs. We picked up 2 tomato plants at the farmers market. It’s a bit late, but I am a fair weather gardener and Junuary kept me out of the garden.

Worked some new soil into the planter, planted and watered. One looks a bit scraggly, but maybe it will perk up. Also added the critter guard. This would not stop a determined entity, but hopefully will be enough that they just move along. Something was talking bites, and sometimes whole tomatoes a few years ago. And one of the neighborhood cats likes to use our planters as litter boxes.

Planted, staked and fenced

Back to the strawberries this weekend, to try and put a lid over the fence I put up last week. It is rather a Macgyver contraption, using bits and pieces of stuff we already had. There is one more thing I want to add to the strawberries, and that is a tray like thing that keeps the berries off of the ground.


And, because it is hot and not raining, I watered the raspberries for the first time this year. It is going to be a small crop. I waited too long to prune and … But I also picked the first four, and we ate them.

What did not get done was any hedge trimming. Maybe tomorrow. It is really our neighbor’s hedge, and it is really taking over on our side. It acts as a fence between the yards, but it’s been a few years and the current owners don’t trim our side. The prior owner who planted the hedge would have it all trimmed.

The real reason this blog has been quiet is primarily WORK. And it continues.

One of my coworkers is retiring in 2 weeks, after 39 years. I will miss her dearly. I feel like we grew together over the years. We had kids near the same time, who all have their own kids now. And she is setting a great example of how to retire. Give at least 6 months notice, help hire/train your replacement, and continue to work more than 40 hours a week, right up to the end.

Angel, really although a bit devilish

And all normal house stuff continues.

And the Mariners continue to play at a level that doesn’t require their fans to pay for post-season tickets.

And all of the grandsons continue to grow!

Carl continues to make sure I am fed and watered. He was going out with friends one night and left me taco fixings.

I wonder if he really thought I didn’t know where we kept the grater.

I need to try to post more than once a month. We’ll see how that goes.