3 Points

Three things have been niggling me over the past few days.

  1. My mother would be rolling in her grave right about now. She spent years volunteering at Planned Parenthood. My dim and probably not completely correct memory was that she helped usher women visiting PP past folks that were not in favor of them visiting a health facility. Note that I myself visited PP for health checkups and information and advice.
    Of course, she is not actually in a grave as such. I wonder if Dad can feel a change in the force in his apartment.

2. There is a new tier 4 soccer team starting in Seattle. The Sounders are considered 1st tier. This team was announced to us through a Seattle Times article. There was an accompanying picture with the three primary leaders; Chris Kaimmer, Sam Zisette and Lamar Neagle. All three names were familiar. Lamar Neagle was a former Sounders player. Chris Kaimmer we first met when he was a baby in a Parent/Child co-op. We were together in that group until the kids went to Kindergarten. Then he and Rey played on soccer teams (non-school) for several years. They went to different high schools, but ran into each other again when they were both running cross-country. And Sam is the younger brother of one of Ashlan’s friends in elementary school, although they went to different middle/high schools. And finally – one of their primary sponsors is Rueben’s Brews. The owners of Rueben’s sit behind us at Mariner games. Small world – and we will definitely try to fit in a game or two next year.

3. I get monthly Civil Engineering magazines. I browse them and read articles here and there. There is an article I am going to share here for general interest. It is about building the Mackinaw Bridge. Since it is an engineering magazine it talks about some of the technical issues, and especially what was learned from a few previous, less successful bridges.

All for now. Good morning.

2 Responses to “3 Points”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t believe we’re headed so far backward. My dad, although cremains, is in a niche and would be rolling over in it if he could. He was a firm pro-choice person.

  2. jane Says:

    That Mackinaw bridge article is interesting

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