Check, check, check


We had a few things on our list today. As with most planned days, a few more things added themselves. And it’s only late afternoon.

First up for me was a 7:30 WW meeting. Last night I was thinking about skipping, but they just introduced a new program update and I wanted to hear what they had to say. And I woke up at my normal work time, so no excuses there. In fact I actually did a little work before I left.

Things at work seem to be accelerating. One task I perform is to look at new development proposals, from house additions to plats, and tell them what they need to do and pay for their water and sewer. Since the city in which we operate just lifted their development moratorium, there are lots of new proposals. I spent most of yesterday trying to get caught up. I think I finished 8, but there was still 1 left plus some other lingering service questions. This is where you should be thinking, TMI, get on with it.

Meeting and home, at which point the unplanned interruption arrived. While pulling into our driveway, which includes going over a hump, the car scraped bottom more than expected. This happens with a loaded car, really full tank of gas, or low tire pressure. In this situation I immediately suspected tire issues. The left front tire looked suspicious, so I backed out of our sloped driveway and parked on the street. The pressure seemed about 4 pounds low. So, off to the gas station to fill ‘er up. They have really improved the air filling stations. Of course I had to do it twice because I didn’t realize you had to enter your target pressure first. Hang the $2. It was relatively quick and painless. And the car is still parked on the street while we give it a day or two to see if it holds the air.

And there was some more work done. And chatting with the kids. (Not work.)

Finally the real day’s outing was at hand. The goal was to rendezvous with a friend for Covid boosters and lunch. We planned to take light rail, starting at 2 different stations. Our booster appointments were also 2 hours apart. We sort of rendevoued on the train. Except he was in the last car and we were in the first.

We did meet up when we de-trained, and proceeded up a Seattle hill to Kaiser Permanente. Jim was on time for his appointment, and we were allowed to slide right in too.

Next on the activity list was Dingfelder’s Deli for lunch. Pastrami sandwich for me. Yum. And we picked up chicken soup for tomorrow (in case the booster hangover hits). They don’t offer inside seating, but they do have an outdoor picnic table where we enjoyed our sandwiches. And had a chance to talk.

Next up was wending our way back to the light rail station. There have been times we may have opted to walk the 3 miles home from Capital Hill. But the University Bridge, a drawbridge on our route, is stuck in the up position. This happened yesterday when some motor burned out. After predicting a few hours to fix, I have now seen a post suggesting November 20th. And there is a UW Husky football game today. This bridge is one of the main surface routes to the University …

Back to the light rail trek. We passed through Cal Anderson Park. This is a lidded water reservoir, and until recently home of one of Seattle’s encampments, and before that part of the CHOP. It’s actually a nice looking park, at least during the day, and they’ve made some nice improvements. It’s also directly next to one of the light rail entrances.

The next station north of Capital Hill is at the UW stadium. Needless to say, with the game about 90 minutes off and one bridge out of service, the train was full of purple clad fans. Our stop was two more north, and we didn’t miss getting off this time.

Each of the walking legs on Capital Hill was about half a mile, with the extra between home and the Roosevelt station. An easy 2 to 3 miles. It was nice to get some walking without dodging raindrops or rivers of water.

Side Effects?

3 Responses to “Check, check, check”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I had a hefty(for me) reaction to my third Pfizer, but it was well worth it since I was flying to New York. I’ve heard about the WW changes and they sound positive like recognizing good fat like avocadoes.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    “You don’t even know you’re beautiful!” Lovely face.

    • raincharm Says:

      We spent yesterday lounging, in response to the just tired. Carl had a bigger reaction than I did. Feeling normal today, except for the arm sore spot. The WW is probably better now, although change can always be difficult for some.

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