I seem to be taking breaks between posts. No excuses, just boring. Or busy.

Today has been soccer first, gardening second. The soccer was 2 games across the pond. 1. A play in game for next season’s premiere league. It is called the million dollar game, or maybe billion dollars is more appropriate, because the winning team really does get a big boost in revenue in the top league. 2. The final game in the UEFA Champions League to claim to be the best club team in Europe. They were both entertaining enough, although the second game was better.  This will set us up nicely for actually attending a a Sounder’s game tomorrow.

Staying on the sporting track, I went to my first Mariner’s win last night. Skipping tonight’s game, but looking forward to warm day games in the next two days of the long weekend. (Yes, that’s both Mariners and Sounders tomorrow.)

4 Fan Pod

Speaking of warm, I spent an hour in the garden this afternoon. The initial focus was weeding around my four strawberry plants. These are new spring transplants, so I am not sure we will see fruit this year. I did get to use my new garden stool. It is great! I tended to kneel on it. Carl christened it earlier this week, weeding in the front area. He chose the sitting option.

I did not attack the raspberry patch yet. It needs attention, but I was heating up, and plan to put some work into a work presentation, so didn’t want to go overboard.

And work continues to dominate. I had neglected to call back a customer I had spoken to in April. I had looked up information about his situation, and knew he would not be happy with what I could tell him. And then life intervened and he fell off my radar. Until he left a message. I called him back yesterday morning and we talked for 30 minutes or so. He wasn’t happy with everything I could tell him, but it was a cordial call through his frustration. Sometimes you just need to let them vent. And I am going to provide him some information on how he could possibly continue his idea of an RV/Tiny House rentable addition to his house. An interesting take on an Airbnb.

Most of my tasks are not so individually focused, but hopefully what I do will satisfy him, and avoid him moving his compliments up the chain of command.

In more mundane activity news, we are into a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It is larger than our normal card table venue, and Carl didn’t want to take the dining room table out of commission. A large flattened box is  extending the card table the required few inches.

And now maybe a few minutes on a crossword puzzle.

See ya.

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