Part 2

Yes! Second Moderna is on board.

We’re hoping for a good tomorrow, and based on friend’s anecdotal tales, we have a 50/50 chance. To prepare for the potential day in bed we got some deli chicken soup. It’s good soup, so even if we’re not feeling poorly, we have a good meal. And, because we were at the deli, pastrami sandwiches for dinner tonight.

So it is 2 weeks until we are considered fully vaccinated, and will allow ourselves grace to be more out there. We have tickets to our Mariners Opening Day on May 14th.

After that who knows.

In other goings on, work continues to be continuous. There is no end in sight, just mileposts along the way.

We are also involved, but from afar, in the latest travails of Carl’s father, Bob. He’s been having various ailments that pile on top of each other. Carl’s brother is doing a yeoman’s job of trying to manage the situation. Not helping is the Covid spike that stretches medical resources to the limit. This impacts others that don’t have Covid, but could benefit greatly from resources being siphoned to deal with the pandemic. And a bit of ageism may be in play. It seems that being older is not a positive mark in your column.

On to tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Part 2”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope you’re doing well today without any major side effects. I had Pfizer which caused a little headache in the evening but that was it.

    • raincharm Says:

      The side effects have not been awful. Sore arm for sure. I was having difficulty picking up my full coffee cup this morning. A few aches, but we took a short walk. Now I feel like a nap, or early bedtime. I did get up before 7 this morning, so I don’t think too harshly of retiring early. I did some work today too, that I could just putt along through, and I feel good for getting it done.

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