Puzzling Rest Day

Just completed. Took a while, very challenging.
Next Up

Walkies too. Sore arms are our only side effect of note today. A beautiful spring day. Trees are in bloom, profusion of daffodils and tulips starting to show. I remember a year ago finding this time of year making staying at home enjoyable. Just getting out into the neighborhood so much more frequently. The lack of other social engagements and commuting opening up open hours of time. An upside to the pandemic. A good side effect.

2 Responses to “Puzzling Rest Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There have been so many more (new) walkers out which is a good thing. Families too. That’s great that you only have a sore arm. You’re getting tulips? Mine are about a week away although the sun coming early this week might help them along.

    • raincharm Says:

      Not ours yet, but some that we passed. A very pale yellow variety with 3 petals that bent backwards, rather than inwards.

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