So Much has Happened

One year ago we were in Tennessee, helping to take care of Corwin, in the last few weeks before he was scheduled to start at daycare.

Today was his actual first day at daycare. We got a picture and for some reason it makes me happy to look at him with another small person.

The anniversaries of everything changing are packed together this week, and it really is a new normal.

On the work front the last week has been over the top. Our board limited sewer connections, and not having something is always more work than having something. But, I did take Friday off. It was basically enforced, but good to step away.

The day off meant the taxes got done, I took care of some insurance bits, signed up for jury duty, and we took a longish walk in the afternoon. The walk ended up at a middle eastern restaurant where we got takeout to be carried home. It started raining just before we got to our door. Dinner was yummy, and nobody had to cook.

Saturday we took another long walk, this one over and back across the 520 bridge. We chose this because the westbound lanes next to the trail were closed for the weekend, so the car noise was minimized. A bit over 6 miles, but most on hard concrete.

Cormorants were the most common water fowl we saw, although we did have one eagle sighting too.
View of how the other half lives on the Eastside.

We were finishing the walk crossing the Montlake bridge when I paused to take a picture of all the boats in the cut. We were noting that the lead sailboat, closest to us, had just done a U-turn. I suddenly realized that was because the drawbridge wasn’t up yet, but would be soon. So we hightailed it off as the horn sounded the warning.

After the u-turn.

Our house is almost always the last house with snow. Shadows and shovelled snow piles. Saturday was the last day of the pile that started February 13th. 2 full weeks.

Two Tiny Snowmen

Sunday was spent catching up on soccer games and working my way through a work request. Monday was an all-day work meeting. Tomorrow will be several meetings for most of the day.

But it is warming just a bit, and our daffodils are getting their buds up.

One Response to “So Much has Happened”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like a whole new world, doesn’t it? Even when/if things go back to normal, we’re forever changed. There were crocuses blooming in my front flower bed. I didn’t even know!

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