I went to work again today. Another new employee, so that’s a good thing. Driving in I realized there are many things I have been missing.

Downtown buildings that I watched under construction, lights festooned on their tower cranes, are now finished boxes. Sun peeking through the fog. Mt. Rainier silhouetted against the morning sky. The dead deer at the entrance to our office.

I don’t drive much anymore. I drove more during our 3 weeks in Michigan than I had over the preceding 6 months. And my Dad’s car is a manual transmission. On the few times I have driven since our return I have a strong urge to put in the clutch, which is not part of a Prius.

Funny, and true, snippet from Halloween night. We were gathered around the Chai Tea carafe, neighbors chatting (distanced and masked – except while drinking). A neighborhood family moved back to Michigan a few months ago. Their house was up for sale when we left in September. When we returned in mid-October, the for sale sign was gone. And here were our old neighbors, drinking tea. It turns out they changed their mind after living in their new home in Michigan for a while. So they waited until they could vote in Michigan, voted, sold their new house to a brother, and moved back to Seattle to their old house. Who knew that moving to a battleground state to vote was a thing.

That’s all folks.

Halloween themed Zoom Board meeting

2 Responses to “Missed”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I don’t work any more so I hardly ever drive. A tank of gas in my Subaru lasts for months. That is a very cool story about the neighbors. I wonder why they changed their mind. It’s not even cold in Michigan yet! 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      They were both from Michigan, so were moving “home,” but after a few months decided Seattle was home. Luckily their house had not sold.

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