OMG so much

First and foremost, RIP RBG!

I am bereft and can’t listen to anything, but wished I could have paid my respects at the Supreme Court.

I went to work yesterday. To the building. Wore my mask most of the day, except when in my office with the door closed. And in the car on my way, because I left my mask at home, along with the bag of jigsaw puzzles. But we have them at work. My first wearing of a KN95. I bought some for travel, but I think the work variety has slightly longer ear loops.

Work on site was necessary to access the building security system to remove access for a worker who has decided to go elsewhere. But also printed a few things, looked at some paper files that have never been scanned, and filed some bits piling up in my in-box.

This is what happens when you have not been around much. They block your door without even thinking twice.

I’ll see the building again in a month, or so. Hopefully I will be adding one or two new folks to the security system.

Today has been busy with home work, and a brief sighting of Corwin during a video chat.

I ventured outside to roll up and store the hoses, and throw out the old one with a stuck, rusted nozzle. And it is clear enough for a walk!

The only time I have been outside this last week was to drive to work and back.

After a few false starts we finally got out the door. And it started to rain. But we kept going, not missing the first opportunity in over a week. We dropped a book in a little library, and noted the prior book we dropped off was gone. Deposited a check. Mailed some checks to others. It was almost normal. Er, new normal.

Upon our return the next task was to cut Carl’s hair. The 2nd Covid cut.

Before, from a week ago.

Notice the fringe extending from the back of his head


The fringe is gone. Maybe too gone.

The pile.

Finally, one of our friends, Adam, is a local brewer. His family has the seats behind us at the Mariners. We got this gem today.

Adam has lost his mind. But the beer referred to here, “You’ll be back” is quite good. Click on the link. Enjoy. Not quite Hamilton Broadway, but a close second.

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