I swear I was involved with meetings or phone calls from 8:30 until 3:30 today. Except for the half hour lunch break. By the time I was looking to see what else was going on I found a deluge of emails. Some I was able to look at and set aside, but there were at least 5 additions to the to-do list.

The big, non-work accomplishment was getting our flu shots during lunch break. Not sure who the superheroes are, but more fun than a plain bandaid.

Tomorrow doesn’t look much different, with my first meeting at 8 am. But I have a job, it is a good job that I basically enjoy. Last week one customer kept telling me I was, “the bomb”. It was a compliment, and since Carl is able to hear my calls if he’s around, he keeps bringing it up. So nose down and off we go.

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  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I intend to get my flu shot in the next few weeks. I used to get it on our district Fair Day during the free afternoon. (mid-September) Now there is no school in the building and no Fair. I’m glad that you are the bomb!!

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