Mariners’ Game 1 of 60

AKA Bang the Trash Can Slowly.

The Mariners get to start the season against the cheaters, otherwise known as the Houston Astros. And Justin Verlander.

It’s been a different experience.

The first game is on the road about half the time, so not unusual. But we would almost always be with our baseball buddies.

Carl and I are watching on our own.

Smashed cauliflower for dinner. Maybe not traditional baseball food, but we did have sausages with yesterday’s Washington/Yankee rainout and the Dodgers/Giants rout.

We managed to squeeze in a 7,500 step walk between work and first pitch. We taped the pregame and will catch up on any interesting bits later.

Yesterday I wanted to see Dr. Fauci’s first pitch at the game in D.C., and did. But they had already completed the lineups, anthem, and whatever else happened. Then they broke for commercials and didn’t get back until after the first batter was on first base. Pretty bad. Hoping they get their act together. And the first pitch kind of went sideways, but I don’t think any less of the doctor.

I guess I am used to the game’s traditions and pageantry on opening day.

The Mariners scored the first run, but alas, not the last …. several. Still there were some highlights. I watched the pre-game after the game had ended. Pretty good, and as the Mariners have 10 Black-Americans on the roster, it made sense to focus on the BLM movement, and what it means to them.

One Response to “Mariners’ Game 1 of 60”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    This season will certainly be different. My husband was a fan of the Mariners, but I am more into the Rainiers. I was planning to go to a couple games this year, but I guess I won’t!

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