This has been another weekend with video chats. What was, and still could be Skype, has changed to zoom and video calls (if you happen to be a fellow android).

Yesterday we got together with some far flung friends.

It’s a bit funny where everyone is focusing on, depending on the screen to camera difference, and if something else is being looked into.

This morning was time with our favorite grandson. He is usually occupied with whatever takes his fancy, but for a few moments today he was intrigued by his grandpa and the popping sounds he could make with a finger in his mouth.

Rey explained that when they left Becca’s parents last week they explained, “Yaya (Grandma Chen) is going back in the box (phone).”

We have also managed to squeeze in a few long walks, and have started another puzzle. This one is 1000 pieces and butterflies. It is challenging.

The weather has been great for long walks. Warm to hot by the end, but not sweltering. And good for the garden. The raspberries continue to produce, the tomatoes are coming along, and we harvested some kale yesterday. Sauteed and steamed with some garlic. The amount we picked was only enough for a few bites each. We will try more. I am still a bit unclear on all things kale.

4 Responses to “Talkies”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    Such an adorable baby! I can’t wait for this active stage. It’s starting up for my little guy too with sounds, smiles and expressions. I find Zoom much easier than Skype. Ashley makes several delicious kale salads, but she does something to the kale. (massages it?) In my favorite one she adds goat cheese, fresh peach, edamame, something else I can’t remember in a lemon-Tahini dressing. I speak as a kale hater–it’s a very good salad.

    • raincharm Says:

      The salad sounds delicious.  I have heard massaging the leaves helps, especially if not cooking the leaves. Some trial and error is in order.

  2. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    The other ingredient(I’m pretty sure) is pine nuts.

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Yes to massaging it for salad. I’ll send you a recipe for kale salad that I like. Also, you could add kale to raspberries and yogurt for a smoothie! — Pooh

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