Back to Work

Not quite true, as I have been working steadily through the Change. But I went and worked in my office for the first time in 4 months. 4 MONTHS!

Just getting out the door this morning was interesting. Trying to remember to take the right things,like my badge. And to do the new things like the health check in before entering the building. (I did it from home, before I left.) And wearing my mask. I did pick up a District issued mask as well, so I have one more option.

My wakeup alarm went off as I started to back out of the driveway. And I found 2 closed roads trying to get to the freeway. And there was traffic, but much lighter than before the Change. There were 3 new big buildings rising as I drove through downtown.

I had 4 items on my list to be addressed while at the office. Badges for new workers and on old worker whose badge just up and quit a month ago. Looking through files for information not in the digital version. Both pieces for 2 vastly different projects were found. One hard copy report from 1999 and one handwritten list from 2005. Not tremendously old (jeesh, 20 years old), but squarely in the period when not everything had digital versions. In the end, 3 of 4 items were crossed off the list, and I have what I need to complete the 4th.

I was going to return a phone call and realized I couldn’t remember how to get an outside line on the new phone system we got just before the Change.

Went through the hard copy in-box that had been gathering dust. Recycled a lot and filed the rest.

And rescued some plants from the one locked office in our office, and put them where they have a fighting chance of getting watered.

I had enough to do that I spent the entire day at the office, which meant eating lunch. Since Carl wasn’t there to provide me with face food, he settled for face food text.



All in all it was interesting to be back in the office, and get to say hello to a few co-workers in person, with masks, from a distance.

I also scored a few new jigsaw puzzles, and handed off one of ours.

One Response to “Back to Work”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    That must have felt weird. When I (rarely) sub, I always forget my morning routine. Do I make coffee before I take a shower? When do I eat breakfast? It sounds like you accomplished a lot. Love the food faces!!

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