Another work week in the books. References to the movie Groundhog Day abound. I think it should be Groundhog Week, or even Month. It is increasingly difficult to remember when things happened, specifically. I have only been to my old workplace once since the stay at home order, and really from before the official order because our office was forward thinking. And the only time I have been in, was on a Saturday. Our office maintenance guy was there, but that was it. I have several things waiting for me at the office, but none are essential. I should probably go in just to clean up my office to the point where it could be used by someone who does need to be in the office. And sort through all of the debris in the non-digital in-box. Anything official or potentially significant is scanned and emailed. There will be significant filing to be done, eventually.

Still finding beauty on our walks, enjoying the warmer weather, and logging more consistent miles than before.

On the home front, the raspberry patch is producing. It’s not at its peak yet, but again, consistent.

This morning it’s a bit damp, but not raining, yet. Must be the weekend.

2 Responses to “Another”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I want that big raspberry! Will you be making jam? My walks have been pretty lately too. I think it’s Ground hog YEAR. The same routine day after day, although a week from this upcoming Tuesday I’ll be on my way back east.

    • raincharm Says:

      Jam would be lovely, but the berries rarely last one day after picking – due to snacking.I like Groundhog Year.I am also getting antsy about not going anywhere. I want to SEE people at least, and my boss is bugging me to schedule a vacation – but I just can’t picture what a vacation would look like right now.

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