No Visitors

It feels like we are entering a whole new plane of existence.

Between yesterday’s post and now, I, and all of the District office types, are to telecommute. The office is closed to visitors, except for the public Board meeting. Mail and deliveries will be accepted, because we do need to continue to operate. Operations are split to two crews, to reduce the chance of everybody catching something.

There are no wipes or sprays to be found. Unless you have some special karma going, like Jane.

Schools are shuttered, universities are online, no athletics, museums are closed, concerts cancelled. We actually had a few social events this month, but only the dentist appointment remains. And the traffic is quite a bit lighter.

The freezer is filling slowly, and there are more canned goods than usual.

My biggest question now is, for how long will this new reality persist. We are in a reasonably comfortable position, as long as we stay healthy. Water and sewer service is not an option, like a daily latte. But there are many whose hours are reduced, or businesses closed. Precarious times for many.

2 Responses to “No Visitors”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Our American Water work continued today. It was primarily a guy running a concrete cutting machine.

  2. margiegf Says:

    I hope they can flatten the curve and then stay on top of it with more testing. This social distancing will probably help. I’m not at all good at it though and hate it. However, I do love long walks by myself.

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