Not Following CovD Protocol

I am in a location where large numbers of people congregate, I gave our hand sanitizer to Carl, I’m over 60, and I can’t stop touching my face.

And yet, she persevered.

Last shot.

I am so happy to have spent a good amount of time getting to know this little guy, during a happy phase. By the next time I see him in person, he could be crawling.

And to spend more time with Becca and Rey. They are doing an excellent job of raising a happy boy. And does he like to talk. At least mumble, grunt, gurgle, squeal, etc. That reminds me a lot of Rey as a small being. Funny I don’t have the same memory of Ashlan, but that could be the second child syndrome.

We are following Department of Health protocol at work. A trial of large scale telecommuting is under way, so I will be working from home on Monday. Including a dial in Board meeting. On a side note, we had formed a commute solutions committee already. This experiment may inform some of their suggestions.

The Board will weigh in on how far we should go. Customers have already been asked to avoid coming to the office if possible, and several meetings have been postponed. A concert we have tickets to in a few weeks has also been postponed.

Of course, there are several positions that have to physically be at work. Hard to dig a ditch or clean “flushable” NOT wipes from the sewer system. But I am more of a bureaucrat.

Flexibility will be our watchword.

And now it’s time to board the petri dish.

One Response to “Not Following CovD Protocol”

  1. margiegf Says:

    A beautiful baby! I am not good at avoiding my face, and am taking more time washing my hands. But I can’t worry too obsessively about things I can’t control. Story of my life. Sigh.

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