The Snows of 2020

Some years Seattle gets no snow. 2020 will not be that year. It’s predicted to be cold for the next week. Sub-freezing every day. Frequently cold means no snow, because it is the lack of clouds lets the heat of the day escape.It is cold today, with bits of blue sky peaking through. I needed to go to a fabric/sewing store. and walks are always a good idea, so we set out. It’s about a 3 mile walk to the fabric store. All is good, but at about one mile it starts spitting precipitation. We are a few blocks from the closest bus stop. As we approach the stop, we see the bus … and we had missed our ride. So we kept walking, to the next stop as the precipitation started to resemble sleet. At each stop we checked the bus app to see how long it would be until the bus arrived. The first stop where we missed the bus was NE 75th St. The next bus finally caught up to us at NE 95th St.

Snow splattered glasses

By now it is snowing.We rode a few more stops, and got off near the fabric store. Except that the fabric store has turned into an empty storefeont.Hmmmm. A nearby sewing machine store couldn’t help, and said the fabric store left in June, after several decades in the same location. So my project remains stalled until I can get to a different store.With the upcoming week’s weather report, this could be a while. I don’t do extra driving when there is snow or ice on Seattle hills.After our aborted shopping try it was back out into the snow. This time the bus arrived at the bus stop just as we walked up.Once home the immediate goal was to get warm. Step 1 was to take off all wet clothes. And they were almost all wet. Even 3 layers down. Step 2 is to get warm. Fuzzy socks are always helpful.Comfy slacks and a nice warm sweater, thank you Ashlan, complete the ensemble.And a few more Corwin sightings!

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