Christmas coming and going

Our Christmas celebrations really started on the 22nd. I’ll call this dinner with friends. We ordered Chinese from Chiang’s Gourmet and had a grand time talking and eating.

One more day of work, and it was off to Nashville. They say you’re not supposed to take wrapped presents through security, so I wrapped after security. With paper I pre cut. No scissors through security either.

The flight was uneventful, after the hour delay to fix the air conditioning.

Once in Nashville it was all about meeting Corwin. He grunted hello, and occasionally gave us a smile.

Carl also finally got to meet Tony and Cheryl, the other grandparents.

It was dinner and time for bed for the travel weary.

The 25th was presents, family and food. Starbucks (we found an open one), fajitas and tamales for lunch, and chinese takeout for dinner.

The Starbucks was not too far from our airbnb, but not the closest to Rey and Becca’s apartment. Still, it was open. We realized after ordering that we had left an item at the Airbnb. I was tasked to get it while Carl and Ashlan waited for our order. I climbed into “our” car (Becca’s SUV), and noticed a handy phone holder I hadn’t seen before. And the piece of paper on the passenger floor was missing. Hmmmmmm! WRONG CAR!

I climbed out, hit the unlock button, and the next car over flashed welcoming lights. Same car, same color. As I was climbing into “my” car, the owner of the other car came out. I apologized for getting into his car, and he said he had noticed the same cars, taken a picture, and texted his wife. Apparently she drives a Mini, and parking next to other Minis and posting pictures is a thing. No harm, no foul, but by now our order had arrived and Carl was trying to figure out why I was still there.

Finally with the entire family, we set about having a quick bite, and opening stockings and presents.

Reynard the Fox, wearing Becca’s apron

And passing Corwin between grandparents.

We have an interesting set up here. Rey and Becca and Corwin have a small apartment with a small kitchen and a small table, with enough seating around, but not around the table. Tony and Cheryl have an Airbnb with a small kitchen, a larger table but not enough chairs. We have an Airbnb with a big table, only 4 chairs, and no kitchen. Chairs from Rey and Becca’s have made a few trips to our place, with takeout food and dishes from Tony and Cheryl’s place. A moving puzzle.

Boxing day included a big brunch. Our small immediate family departed for downtown Nashville.

We walked from music row, home to studios, to the Belmont Mansion. The tour was very interesting, a glimpse into being a woman before, through and after the civil war. Adelicia Acklen had 3 husband’s, 10 children, 3 plantations and Bel Monte. She was intelligent and driven, but not immune to any of the tribulations of the time.

We also took in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It had so much to see and hear. By the end I was overwhelmed.

A co-worker’s favorite

We reconvened with the rest, and Cheryl made a pork roast for dinner. Yum.

Friday’s primary adventure was the Nashville Zoo. We spent the afternoon there, and closed the place down.

Cheryl was very attractive to these guys


A final meal, game and some family time.

Saturday morning dawned early at our place. Ashlan had an early flight back to the big city and Allen and Theo. I’m not sure of the order of importance there.

She texted us she had arrived, just as we were starting brunch.

That’s Chronic Bacon next to the biscuit. Tasty! But it’s bacon, so I should not have been surprised.

We spent the afternoon at Radnor Lake State Park. A very pleasant 3 mile or so walk around the park, plus some coming and going. We saw this owl

And lots of turtles. They listed at least 5 species in the park.

Then, as our first test as grandparents, Carl and I watched Corwin while Rey and Becca napped.

He did cry a bit, and we did change a diaper. I think they’ll ask us back.

If you’re still reading, that’s all for now.

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