Carpooling Again

After a layoff of several weeks for a myriad of reasons, we are carpooling again, at least for a few days. The normal schedule differences will still be with us, but we’re all in the same city. The seasonal darkness also seems to play with traffic, so having an opportunity to use a carpool lane can pay benefits.

That said, I will be returning to Seattle from work on my own today. My big project of the last two years is hitting one of the final milestones, going through a committee at the county, that will recommend the County Council approve our Water Comprehensive Plan, my big project. I don’t expect anything major to come up this afternoon, although I did have to provide one last piece for them last week. I have managed about 7 other plans through this process over the last 30+ years. This committee meeting has not always been a fun experience. There were grilling sessions, and confrontational moments. This time nothing is expected. Better plans, a committee that is not trying to overstep their jurisdiction, and the person currently in charge does a great job.

On the home front, we are starting to think about Thanksgiving. We don’t know whether we are on our own, or having 2 to 5 house guests. And traditional or non-traditional main course. My only concern is the food shopping. I am considering the farmer’s market, so I need to know the lay of the land before Saturday morning.

2 Responses to “Carpooling Again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What is the non-traditional because that sounds interesting to me. I do like turkey though. And dressing!

    • raincharm Says:

      Jambalaya is the most recent version, and may well make a repeat appearance this year.

      There had been years when our goal was a long walk – with food. Sometimes a turkey sandwich. Because, there are not very many open eateries and coffee shops on T-day afternoon.

      The long walk may still be a goal, depending on the weather, and whether others have arrived.

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