Last Few Days

Back to work. It is the work week after all. The folks outside the building are making big visible strides on the tank project. It took them less than a day to remove the containment covering.

7 AM

3 PM. The colors are the base/background for the new mural.

Carl got back to T-Mobile Park and the Mariners finally. Several weeks off. I hung out in the neighborhood for the Night Out.

Getting reacquainted with the Moose. Sharing the fez.

I think this was a boat. Lots of kids, and 3 more due in the next month.

More baseball for the elder amateurs. In addition to hitting, Carl pitched 3 good innings. Note the ball on its way to Carl’s bat, ended up with a single.

The team of the day.

And finally, yesterday marked another trip around the sun for Harry.

Nonagenarians in the wild.

One Response to “Last Few Days”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That is some tank! Getting back to normal life and a daily routine always feels good to me.

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