Next Segments

Michigan extended.

Jigsaw puzzle completed.

On the road again, heading south. The drive wasn’t bad, but we did require a Google-Jane map assist when a semi accident closed the freeway, and we were getting reports of hour plus delays, but no alternative route suggestions. At least until we were on the alternative route.

We traded the north woods for the urban south.

Urban Wildlife

Urban Corn. Really, it’s a corn stalk.

First night was dinner with said direction guru, cousin and spousal units. Good food and a nice way to decompress from the drive down.

Last night I got together with two friends from since elementary school. I did skip the official reunion, but catching up was perfect.

Our trip today was to the University of Michigan Natural History Museum. I spent a lot of time at this museum when I was growing up. It was an interesting place, and free. It’s now in a new building, very close to the old building. I recognized some of the old exhibits, but not all have been installed yet. And I never found the Stegosaurus. (In the old exhibit it was on the ground beneath a saurus of some sort.)

Same statue, different location

Mastadons, mostly real.

Tomorrow’s plans are for breakfast, followed by automobiles, planes and trains.

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